GRAHA is the leader in the Grand Rapids area offering the best and largest Mite program and Richard is a large part of that success and development.

GRAHA Board (2015 - 2019)


As the MAHA Vice President of girls/women for Michigan I am very aware of the importance of good skill development and skating instruction at all levels of girls hockey.  In West Michigan we are fortunate to have such a great hockey coach and teacher of these skills.  Richard's vast playing and coaching career make him a natural to provide the girls with the skills they need to be better hockey players!

Jean Laxton - GRAHA GM / MAHA VP Girls


1 have also had the opportunity to work with Coach Keyes as a member his coaching staff and have seen firsthand how he is able to offer a unique blend of on ice skill development, a demonstrative and genuine interest in his players, and the ability to foster a desire to compete, all the while keeping the team environment fun. Rich is certainly among the elite in the youth coaching ranks. He has the important ability to verbalize and demonstrate proper technique, and teach "hockey sense" to players of a wide range of ability.

John Koryto - Former KOHA President


Richard has shown me over many years consistency in coaching youth hockey. He possesses 3 absolutes a hockey coach must possess. 1. the ability to teach, not just coach. 2. the ability to relate to players and parents, and 3. A high level of genuine caring, a trait that seems to allude youth hockey coaches. I have seen this as a parent and a professional. You cannot afford not to have Richard and KIIH develop your young hockey player.

Jim Lioy, AT, ATC, CSCS

"Richard was a promising player who played the game all out . . . he has taken that approach to coaching, and has added a mature focus that will definite translate into success."

Lou Vairo – Former New Jersey Devils & USA National Team coach

“Rich fulfilled his promises of commitment and dedication to our team on a daily basis! His desire to help the boys grow, both on and off the ice, was evident in many areas. Not only did Rich teach the boys a tremendous amount of hockey skill and strategy, but he made sure that the life lessons were taught as well. Coach Keyes was one of the few coaches we have had, that could explain something and then actually show it at a high level. His passion for and knowledge of the game are unmatched!”

Matt Schuen

"Under the coaching of Coach Keyes my Bantam aged son improved tremendously over the course of the season. Coach Keyes stresses fundamentals like no other youth coach we have been associated with. His attention to detail and practice organization create a great learning environment for all of his players. His knowledge of the game is only overshadowed by his passion for the sport. He loves hockey and I know my son loves the game more because of him. Any opportunity to be coached by Coach Keyes is an opportunity you cannot afford to pass up." 

Bill Bancroft

“Thanks again for all your time and support with the boys! I know Dominic has gained a whole new respect for Hockey and the time and effort coaches, put into improving him not only as an athlete but also as a young man.” 

Thanks again, Debra, Kevin & Dominic

“With all the passion and care you have shown for our boys. You went above and beyond with the show of support for the 5 trying out in GR, I know your presence there helped Teddy. Again thank you for all you've done this year as a coach, mentor, and friend to Teddy.”

Michelle Morrissey

"Not only is Rich a good coach who focuses on skills, but he has been a positive role model and mentor in my life"



Participant -Connor Westbrook



As the parent of a son that played for Richard, it was the most positive, learning experience of my son's early athletic career to have him as a coach. Richard teaches technique and game strategies that enable players to learn the game at a rapid pace. He holds his young athletes to be disciplined and responsible for their actions on and off the ice. With Richard's past experiences in the game of hockey, he is a superb teacher of the game.

Sincerely, Tom Carr